Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Mercer University strives to be a Community of Respect where everyone is held in mutual high regard.  As members of that community, distance learners have responsibilities to help maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect as part of the Standards of Conduct. These include:

Respect for Academic Integrity

We value a community that encourages an academic atmosphere. We believe that honesty is important to learning. We advance the values of Academic Integrity through the University Honor System

Respect for Other Persons

We value the worth of every individual in the community and we respect the dignity of each member in the community. We take responsibility for the consideration of the rights of others.

Respect for the University Community

We value showing respect for the rights and property of others. We take responsibility to act to maintain university property.

Respect for Community Authority

We acknowledge and value our privileges and rights as members of the University community. We take responsibility for acting to uphold community standards.

Student Rights

The Community of Respect ensures certain rights of its members. The university values the following student rights:

  1. Free inquiry, expression, and assembly as long as conducted in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others.
  2. Freedom from unreasonable invasion of the privacy of the individual's person, residence, papers, personal effects, and university records.
  3. Right to due process and equal protection.
  4. Freedom to pursue educational goals, the right to the free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints.
  5. Freedom of association for students who meet the university's standards for participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Policies and Procedures

Mercer has explicit policies and procedures that relate to student rights and responsibilities, including:

Note that distance learners have a separate process available to them for filing grievances that relate to unfair business practices and non-compliance with state authorization regulations. See the Complaint Process page of this website for more information.